Independence or Interdependence…

From Nick read sensitive gut blog: (symptoms of IBS and candidiatis) fatigue, irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, unexpected weight gain, muscle and joint pain, cravings for sugar or alcoholic beverages, dizziness, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal bloating, difficulty in concentrating,

I tick all the above except diarrhoea, oh yes, and the weight gain is probably not unexpected given the cravings for sugary food and alcoholic beverages… 
Everything aches. Thinking about changing bed linen for guests ( which I have been doing) can fatigue me, let alone actually doing it.
However, getting back to a physical fitness and healthy eating regime will help. It has before. There was a focus on only one aspect of my life not all the ideas and part planned projects roaring around in my brain. This involved hiring a personal trainer.
Getting back to focus on writing projects I think will be the same: I will hire a personal writing coach. I achieved my best writing at the Arvon Foundation Writing for Life course and achieved my academic writing successes with a supervisor.
It seems independence of mind does not always achieve success in practice…
Happy Interdependence Day!


Moving house… Repotting… New paths

Some years ago, a prophet type person spoke about us being ‘repotted’ when we relocated.   I have a camellia in a pot that needs to be repotted and I feel sorry for he poor thing as I have left it too long.  The roots are hugging the pot so tight it is going to really hurt when they are separated.   Will it be like that for me?

I took this photo below over a year ago when I was walking in the lanes near to Beauty From Ashes, a Christian Retreat run by a delightful lady called Jennifer Rees Larcombe.  I hadn’t walked this way before, it was unfamiliar – a new path.  I had a sense of adventure looking at flowers,  hedges, trees, hearing birdsong and, on this day, feeling the sun warming me up.

an unfamiliar path to walk

I haven’t yet translated that sense of adventure to getting to our new home.  It has been hassles for me – organisation, planning what to do and when,  waiting on other people …  I admit I am not at my best in the time before a large enterprise.  I am fine when the thing is upon me and I can roll my sleeves up and do the stuff!

The to-ing and fro-ing of solicitors letters and searches and documents to be signed and witnessed has frozen my brain today.  I have a list of thing I need to do but am taking time out from what seems like ‘moving the deckchairs on the Titanic’ – I do stuff but nothing much seems to make any difference!

Sitting on my bed, writing this, the sun streaming through the window, I get that sense of excitement despite ‘all this to do’ going on in my brain.  New memories to make, a house to be creatively designed and mounded into OUR home,  more people to welcome, new paths to walk – this time close to the sea.

There may be some shifting of my roots as we relocate and the furniture and bits and pieces that make up our lives are removed and transported.   At least I don’t have to worry about how everything will fit into the new place which is quite spatio us.

As our son cheekily said,

“Well you know, Mum, you don’t need to worry: you aren’t downsizing so         you can take all your crap with  you!”

I trust he means chattels and furnishings rather than my anxieties and holdings on to things…  Thanks dear Son for lightening the mood 😉




Perfection –  because of shame? 

Following on from my article “Price of Perfection” posted recently..  A friend of mine, a past client,  mentioned that a tendency towards perfectionism can come from shame. She and I both know that one! She recommended this TED talk from Brene Brown.  I had seen it before and found it really helpful.  Always worth another look when you have had problems in the past – they can try and sneak up on you again! 

Have a look: 

Price of Perfection

The Price of Perfection

I wrote this article from my own struggles with trying to be perfect – so I wouldn’t get caught out making any mistakes with ensuing pain and disgrace!

It was published by Woman Alive magazine in their May 2001 edition. It is reprinted by permission of Woman Alive.

I hope anyone reading this will find it useful.  Please click on the title and the article will be shown…

Best wishes for being who you are!



The Importance of a Good Ending

Wise words Nick. wishing you well in your new life adventure.

The Sensitive Gut

endingsThis week I left The IBS Network.  I had been involved with the charity for 25 years as medical adviser, editor of Gut Reaction, volunteer CEO and chair of trustees.  I had seen it through bad times and better.  And like a marriage, the organisation and I had become part of each other.  But with the charity buoyant, a competent team of office staff in place and  supported by a dedicated board of trustees and an enthusiastic cohort of advisers, it was time to hand over and leave.

This year’s Christmas party was also my leaving do.  I took the opportunity to thank the sfaff, trustees and volunteers for their dedication to the charity over many years, to praise their success and to encourage the patients and health care professionals on the advisory board to continue to support what is a vital service for many people with IBS.   Everybody then…

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